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Banks typically evaluate the loan purpose, assets, income, debt, and credit history of potential borrowers to determine their credit worthiness. Credit worthiness will be the basis for the possible loan that can be lent to the particular borrower. Banks also prefer loans that are used to purchase items of larger value like property (condos, house and lot, etc.), vehicles, or business inventory as these assets can be recouped by the bank in the case of default.

With Atome, it is a lot more simple. 

Atome is open to each and every Filipino. Most Filipinos remain unbanked and most may not have credit history. What we do instead, is to just look at the users’ payment behavior. Continuously pay on time and users get access to more financial products, higher loan amounts, and lower interest rates. 

The user is rewarded two-fold. Users improve their financial habits and also get to build up their Atome ‘credit score’ to get access to more financial products. 

This is the Ladder Up principle, and we believe that this can help us build a relationship built on growth and prosperity with each Atome user. Get access to more with Atome.

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