Shop Pedallion music gear on installment with Atome!

TO ALL MUSICIANS AND MUSIC LOVERS: Now you can shop Pedallion for music gear and instruments using Atome!

Pedallion is an online music marketplace that has everything you need for music production and recording.

Shop on Pedallion with Atome now!

Now, you can get that new electric guitar that you’ve long been dreaming of!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Add your chosen item to cart.
  2. Go to Checkout.
  3. Choose the Installments powered by Atome payment option.
  4. Confirm your order!

(If you’ve used Atome on Pedallion before, then your transaction will go through. If you haven’t, then simply fill out the application form when you get redirected.)

Shopping Installments by Atome

With Shopping Installments powered by Atome, you can purchase all your music instruments and accessories on installment, even without a credit card!

Julz Savard is an LA-based Filipina musician and former Myx VJ. To pursue her craft, it is important for musicians like her to invest in quality music gear.

Thanks to Atome’s installments on Pedallion, it is easier and faster for independent musicians like Julz to get the best tools for song production!

Shop on Pedallion using Shopping Installments powered by Atome now!

You can also listen to Julz Savard’s newest single called “Stop Trying To Keep What You’re Fighting For” on Spotify now!

Stream it and hear the music that Atome helps musicians create.

Atome is always here to help you achieve your dreams.

Shop now!

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