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Financial Planning, Budgets and Saving READ MORE 

Responsible Borrowing and Credit READ MORE 

Salamat Atome! Same day nakuha ko agad ung pera, bait pa nung CS na nakausap ko. Thank you

Joanna Espanola, Atome Customer

Cash Loan

Fast cash, accessible to you anytime you need it.

Atome Cash Loan

The application process was fast and easy. no hassle. i got the money on the same day. try nyo rin!

Popoy Patino, Atome Customer
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Easy credit for your needs.

Nagka emergency ako while traveling, sinubukan ko ung app at nakuha ko kaagad pera. Buti nalang madali at mabilis ang transactions dito. Thank you Atome!

Elijah Chan, Atome Customer

Financial Planning, Budget and Savings

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of making conscious decisions about how you use your money. Financial Planning is not simply about helping you retire or purchase investments, Financial Planning can help you improve your day-to-day and achieve goals in life. 


Budgeting. Easy for some, extremely difficult for others. Budgeting, as the name suggests, is simply about creating a budget which is your spending plan. Whether it’s daily, bi-monthly, monthly, semi-annually or even annually, a budget helps you track your earnings, expenditures and savings.

Responsible Borrowing and Credit

Some people think that loans are bad. But that’s not necessarily true. Many businesses have utilized loans to finance their growth. Yet to a lot of people, any debt is bad debt. Like businesses, individuals can also use loans for growth. The key is responsible borrowing.